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The Roadmap

We have created a super easy 3 step Video Brochure brief process to help get your Video Brochure design on track.


We have made the process of creating the Video Brochure as simple as filling out a Video Brochure content form!

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We have a fantastic selection of Video Brochure templates. Or, if you want something custom built? We can do that too!

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Upload you video of your brand, or if you need a video created we will be in touch with an action plan within the hour!

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Engage With Multi-Sensory Communication

Video brochures have the unique benefit of operating free of wires, internet access, software downloads or installation. All a recipient has to do is open a magnetised book-cover to experience your multi-media presentation; real in-your-face, multi-sensory marketing tool.

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Why A Video Brochure?

Multi-sensory engagement through touch, sight, feel.

Customisable print applications from A5 brochures, to outside the box ideas.

Direct mail uses its ability to target – gain access to people’s home and lives.

focusses attention on your brand message through a physical product.

Tell your story, spread your message and build your brand through the interactivity.

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Multiple Uses, For a Multi-Sensory experience

When it comes to marketing your brand, Video Brochures provide ultimate versatility.

Their use is virtually limitless! - Direct mail,
- Magazine inserts
- Educational and training manuals
- Corporate reports
- Retail marketing
- Promotional branding campaigns

Not convinced? Studies have shown that video increases buying decisions by 72% over plain print and boosts comprehension and retention by 50%. Importantly, 75% of consumers prefer video presentations to that of plain printed information.

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Tell Your Story, Then Tell It Again.

Each video brochure has several options to add to it and to choose from:

  • LCD screen: 2,4", 2,8", 4.3", 5", 7" of 10.1"
  • 0 to 10 buttons. to choose every video individually.
  • From 128 MB to 8 GB flash memory, to hold several hours of video’s if necessary.
  • Volume up and volume down to adjust the sound volume according to personal preferences.
  • A choice of printing techniques is available.
  • A choice of packaging can be selected.

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Need A Video?

We understand that video content is often difficult to create. To help with that we have partnered with Power Creative to provide our customers with an affordable way to create engaging, professional videos for their brochures. 

Video Content - Guide/Pricing as follows Day/Hour $ Retail RRP
Special Deal: 90 second Basic Entry level video
"Talking heads promo" - featuring you/your staff at your location"
4 Hours $1,200.00
Includes - up to 2 hours filming onsite + another 2 hours of offsite edit time allowance. Operator, lighting, audio & vision equipment* (SAVING OF OVER $500 IN EDITING/FILMING COSTS)
*Typically edit is for approximately a 90sec output. Additional charges may apply for extra hours filming, editing, script writing and other services - based on your requirements.